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Coach Don Meyer

Every now and then, I hear of a Christian who has gone through or is going through a difficult time but instead of wallowing in self-pity, they show others Christ by their actions and their lives. Some people never have to stand behind a podium to preach a powerful sermon. Don Meyer is one of […]

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At the Cross

Matthew 27, Mark 15, Luke 23, John 19 Join me at the cross and let us block the worries of our lives; the economy, the random violence, the problems with our family, our health, and the absence of social morals. Our fears should slowly begin to fade as we behold the blood trickling down the […]

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Thank God for Electricity-Seriously!

I posted this piece a few months ago when the hurricane made its way to Kentucky. This morning it became all to relevant again. However that first line should read “the last 9 days thanks to the worst ice storm to ever come through” 🙂 The last four days have been the darkest days of […]

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Thinking Jesus

I’m not a fan of making resolutions or keeping them, for that matter, so this year I have decided to forget about resolutions and incorporate a new motto. For 2009, my motto will be to “Think Jesus”. I will think Jesus when: I want to procrastinate. I’m too tired to mention Him to others or […]

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