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Pray for the President

Today is President Obama’s birthday. I would be lying if I told you that I was a fan. I do not agree with many of his choices, however, my Jesus died for him and that gives us a common bond. The Apostle Paul also reminded us that we are in subjection to our rulers (Romans […]

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An Encouraging Word

New article up at Forthright. Click here for And Now You Know

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Are You Sure?

I have the opportunity to coach an elementary school chess team and last week was our annual chess tournament. I repeatedly stress to my students that chess is a lot like life. The choices you make, whether good or bad, will influence your outcome and although you may think you’re making a good choice, in […]

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While our electricity was out for nine days, we were left with only one working phone. The phone in the family room is one of those old fashioned phones. You know the kind that still have the cord attached. Apparently, this type of phone created an anomaly for my teenagers. Since all four of my […]

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I am Saved

My father was a minister. From my earliest memories, I was taught that Jesus was the Son of God. He did live, he did come to earth, and he did give his life for others and I believed that…for awhile. My father, the unwavering patriarch of our small family, was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s […]

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