The Bethlehem Road

September 4, 2014



I was parked in a crowded lot at a Paducah, Kentucky Lowe’s store and couldn’t stop wiping tears away. Before moving my Kindle into the backseat, I had opened it for a second and the first few lines of Michael Whitworth’s latest book, The Bethlehem Road, had captured my attention.


In a matter of minutes, I was engulfed in a story that I had known for years but never had I seen it so clearly that it brought me to tears. I forgot about my shopping list as I quickly swiped the screen taking me to the next page of the newest commentary on the book of Ruth.


Whitworth’s style of writing is refreshing and many times I forgot that I was reading an actual commentary. He transports you into the story while explaining culture and word origins. He includes events from his own life as he relates, explains and offers you every chance to see your own life in the beautiful story of Ruth and Naomi.


Whitworth begins the book by asking that life altering question many of us have uttered in a dark and disparaging time, “What do you do when your dreams are shattered?”  And then he tells us what he did. Sharing the story of his father’s life and death brought the water works as I thought about my own father and his battle with ALS.


As you begin the study of Ruth, you will learn the beauty of the word hesed and what it means to your life. You will smile as you remember how God has and will continue to turn your own “heartbreak into Hallelujahs” and you will be blessed by the way our Father watched over and cared for his two beautiful daughters in a time not too long ago from ours.


I’m thankful for a God who works behind the scenes and refuses to give up on any of his children. And I’m thankful for Michael Whitworth and his writing abilities. If you are looking for a great commentary on Ruth or just looking for an encouraging book for yourself or your Bible study group, pick up this book. You’ll be glad you did.



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