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March 24, 2014

I was blessed to speak at the Tulsa Workshop this year. I have attended before and love the fellowship, great lessons, and the encouragement that comes from being there.  I took my youngest with me this year and I think she said it perfectly, “It’s like a VBS for adults!”

I hope you’ll make plans to attend next year. Here are some of my favorite quotes. There are some that I loved but couldn’t write down quickly enough. If you want, please add yours to this list.

God wasn’t worried about Saul’s past he was concerned with Paul’s future. -Can’t remember who said it. I take lousy notes. Ask any of my college professors.

Don’t go out “for” God. Go out to “join” God. Rick Atchley

What defines us? Out ability to argue or our ability to make peace?  Doug Young

Some of the most evil cities of the 1st century now have books of the Bible named after them. Because God didn’t give up on them. Josh Ross

I’ve never heard my black friends say, “We need to go back to the 1950s when this was a Christian nation.” – Josh Ross

It’s easier to do the law thing instead of the love thing. Patrick Mead

We preach to the converted instead of going to the lost & loving them. Patrick Mead

I want to die without stones in my hands, empty hands & open arms. – PMiddy

My agenda is to approach all people without stones. Fearless love. PMiddy

He put on skin & took the most common name of that time. God said, “Just call me, Joe.” PM

We should ruthless in opposing & calling out sin but ours no one else’s.  Luke 6:41-42 PM

Salvation is free but will cost everything you have. Pm

Following Jesus means you move. He didn’t call us to stand still

One of the cost of following Jesus is he gets to define your terms.

The closet you get to the Light, the better you are the dirt on your own hands.

I am willing to walk with anyone who is willing to walk with me. PM

Refuse to let anyone take away you love. PM

Luke 6:37 how much grace do you have with you & how much do you give out? Whatever you give put will come back to you. It’s not Karma! It’s Christ. PM


 Check out my friend, John Dobbs’, blog for more.


Make your plans now to attend next year, March 18-21 when the theme will be ‘Aflame‘!

Add yours in the comments section. And have a great day 🙂

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  •    Jeremy Houck  |  March 25th, 2014 at 12:35 am     Reply

    Chet – You are worth the cost

    No matter what people say about your limitations, God has a plan for you.

    Randy Harris – Matthew 25:24-25 what if the God we expect is the God we get? No where in the parable do we see the master in the light that this servant does. The Master appears trusting, joyful, generous, and loving.

    Paula Harrington – Luke 9 “take up your cross and follow me”

    Christ dared to die for us so that we would dare to die for someone else.

    Can you imagine what would happen if the church did what they were supposed to?

    Matthew 26:58 – very often we try to do Christianity at a distance, and that may feel safe but it will kill our spirit, family, and church.

    Darin Hamm – Church expectations, guiding, guarding, and directing the flock

    Oftentimes when we have problems in the church we only focus on the process. This is a fundamental failure of the church. We must also consider content (Scripture), and the human aspect (The people that are loved by God).

    We need to remember that we have a Savior and it’s not the preacher, or elders. Our job is to be salt and light.

    Keith Roberts – the Cost of an authentic prayer life.

    Anything that is truly important in our lives involves a cost. We have become so accustomed to offering a few words to God here and there that we have forgotten about the work of prayer
    What the church needs more than anything else, is people who pray.

    Patrick Mead – Following God is Worth the Cost

    Luke 14:25-33 Jesus gives a seminar on how to make people leave the church. Jesus had to say these words because they are true and He loved us.

    Salvation is free and it will cost you everything you have. (ever get a free puppy?)

    The cost will be every moment, and every day for the rest of your life. Anyone can be brave for 20 seconds, but true cost is paid over a life time.

    Jesus’ death on the cross was difficult, but do not forget the daily laying down of His life over 32 years. He gave up vengeance, power, the desire for more, and pride.

    The closer you get to Jesus, the larger the cost and that is why that so many people refuse to follow Him.

    Les Ferguson – The Weakness of God. Genesis 32:22-32

    How does an 80 year old man wrestle with God? The weakness of God is not a lack of power but rather His restraint. God’s power is made perfect in weakness – 2 Cor 12:9

    Recovery is moving forward, not always huge leaps sometimes just standing still while pointed in the right direction. But recovery is a refusal to give in to the temptation to rage!

    Hang on, because in a time of struggle rest assured that the power of God is coming. We must remember that God does not act because He can’t, but because He knows what is coming next. He sees the whole picture, and He always knows what’s best. His ways are not our ways.

    Paula Harrington- Daring to die

    The Christian life is a life of survival. But we know that true survival is not what happens here, but what happens when we get invited into Gods house.

    Genesis 12:2 – Life leaves scars and we can let those scars make us bitter or make us a blessing. God said that Abraham would be a blessing.

    God loves us even though He knows the real us.

    Compassion is knowing our darkness well enough to sit in darkness with other people.

    Fate Hagood – Peep Knowledge

    God is our source and not to be treated as a resource, that’s why we must walk in fear.

    Marriage is covenant first, commitment second, compatible third, and cuteness last. Don’t mix those up. You can have a lasting marriage without the last two, but you cannot ever make it without the first.

    Patrick Mead – the transforming Power of Love

    John 8:2-11 this is the story of a shamed, humiliated woman. And once again we see that the people in the church are the ones keeping people out of the church.

    The transforming power of love is not prone to condemnation but to point folks to Jesus.

    Mark 9:38-41 the point Jesus makes is if they like Me they are with us. Love always trumps law. We have made the law more important than the people.

    John 8 Jesus did more than forgive her, He said He would not condemn her before she had left her life of sin. And Jesus gave the mob a dignified way to leave the situation with condemning them as well.

    We should be ruthless in naming and opposing sin……..our sin not the sins of others. Luke 6:41-42

    Tim Pyles – God Against The Odds.

    Impossible is where God shows out, it’s the place where God shows His control and His power. So we must Never Bet Against The Almighty!

    Abraham and Sarah have Isaac that’s impossible. It’s not that they were not people of faith, they just failed to realize that God can do the impossible. “Is anything to difficult for The Lord?”

    Jericho, Gideon and the Midanites, David and Goliath were all impossible, but nothing is to difficult for The Lord. Without The Lord of Hosts, we are just another story of defeat; but with The Lord of Hosts we can see the victory.

    Jeremiah 32:17 The God who created the cosmos could handle the fate of His people.
    Luke 1:37 a Virgin can have a baby, because nothing is impossible with God.
    Matthew 19:26 Salvation is impossible by our own means, but we are not left to our own means.

    Landon Saunders – Reaching our young is worth the cost.

    It’s far too easy to stereotype the younger generation, when we are called to love them.
    It’s far to easy to forget that our children have become outsiders in our churches.
    72% of young people describe themselves as spiritual but not religious.
    65% say they do not practice prayer or spiritual disciplines

    Our young people are comfortable talking about God but not Jesus.

    When confronted with an issue we have all the answers, but when we are confronted with someone we love we have to see the person and not the issue or we will get love and scripture wrong.

    If someone has physical needs we intervene, but we are dealing with spiritual needs. That does not call for intervention, but intercession. Intercession requires more listening and less talking!

    When they find their voice we must listen, look at their view, and see what they are really saying.

    Churches should be a place where generations can mingle, talk, listen, and share ideas and thoughts.

    We must get past describing what the church is and begin talking about what the church is for, what is her purpose.

    Landon Saunders – Worship at Memorial Drive. God verse World?

    John 3:16 – this is the most difficult text in the Bible.

    The difficulty lies in the pressure that it puts on believers, we don’t struggle with belief or with doctrine. Our struggle is that we are called to love the world like God loves the world.

    Most churches and Christians give the impression that God is mad at the world, that He is angry and upset with His creation. If that is true then God is the greatest failure in all of history.

    It’s easy to think that God loves children or that He loves His children (the church), or even our own country. It’s more difficult to really believe that God loves Muslims, Buddhist, Hindus. It’s more difficult to believe that God loves the scientists, evolutionists, politicians, and greedy CEO’s. It’s difficult to believe that God loves prisoners, murderers, rapists, child molesters, prostitutes, homosexuals, divorcees, illegal immigrants, and those who choose to be anywhere but a church building on Sunday mornings. But the Bible says God so loved the World. We must not exclude what God has welcomed.

    It’s awfully easy to get bogged down in what’s wrong with the world. But if we are the children of God we are here to say what’s right with the world.

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