Remind Me, Dear Lord

August 25, 2013

Every July in Western KY, dozens of churches come together for an area wide Gospel meeting. This year’s was at Paducah’s Luther F. Carson Four Rivers Center. Looking around the colossal auditorium those nights, I saw friends from several congregations. Their precious faces brought back many memories and made the song “Remind Me, Dear Lord” that much sweeter.
I’m always excited to run into the folks from the little congregation where my dad preached. The news of where their children are now and what they’re doing is always interesting. Hearing stories about my father and knowing that godly people from my childhood are still striving for Christ is a highlight of being together.

I saw friends from the congregation where my grandfather preached, folks from the congregation where my uncle was a youth minister, and several from the church I attended as a young mother.

Seeing youthful faces from the camp where I spend a week each summer is also a blessing.
Each soul was an encouraging reminder of good times, faithful Christians, and an eternal home.
I love being reminded that a day is coming when we will all be together forever but there are other times when God’s promises don’t easily come to mind.
In times of frustration with others, dear Lord, remind me of those moments when you’ve been disappointed with me and how your mercy and forgiveness have always been in abundance. 
Lord, when I worry about the politics of this nation and those in the government, remind me that my citizenship lies in a place where crisis is not known, debt has already been paid, and Truth reigns supreme.
When I’m overly concerned about the evil in this world, remind me of your hope, love, and peace.
When I get discouraged at daily details, tell me again where I’ve been and where you’ve brought me from.
When I get aggravated at myself for consequences and failures, remind me that I am loved dearly and always will be.
When Satan whispers that all is futile, remind me once again of your power, comfort, and grace.
When this life seems filled with drama, heartache, and pain draw my thoughts to the manger, the miracles, and the cross. 
Father, you know I tend to forget too often your mercies. So when I start to slip back into the anxieties of this life, remind me, remind me dear Lord.
The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases;his mercies never come to an end; they are newevery morning; great is your faithfulness. (Lamentations 3:22-23 ESV)

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