Get Real

June 3, 2013

News flash, I’m a bit socially awkward. Ok, there’s not a bit to it. I’m weird. But the more people I meet the more I realize that we’re all weird. Right? (Agree so you’ll make me feel better, please. Thanks.)
Life is awkward and sometimes infuriating (I hope you aren’t here for a pep talk. Wait, it gets better).  
Talking to others can be difficult. Learning about other’s lives and getting involved in those lives is not only hazardous to your heart, it can be downright draining. Ministry is difficult because ministry involves people and it means loving them like Jesus did.
I was trying to get this point across to my preteen daughter recently. I try to teach her without preaching to her that the relationships she has with others is her opportunity to be a missionary. To be a friend, to show the love of Jesus, and to point others to Him. That is hard when you’re 40 something but when you’re 12 going on 20, it’s nearly impossible. 
I’ll never forget the conversation we had recently. It went like this:
Her: Mom! I can’t stand ______. They get on my nerves SO bad!
Me: I understand, but you need to love them.
Her: I don’t want to love them. They’re annoying!
Me: I understand. Just try to be more loving than they are annoying.
You should have seen how far her eyes rolled back into her head. Quite impressive. 
The truth is, dealing with others can be stressful. Don’t you know that Jesus was at his wit’s end dealing with us?  But he still cared enough to go to that cross. He still loved us in spite of us.
Get real with people. Tell them about the times you’ve struggled and then let them know how Christ brought you through. Let them see the real you. The one who walked the dark roads. The one who knows that there is a better place. Show them your hope. Speak words of light into their lives. 
Love them anyway.


Let me introduce myself to you…”  Love this song.

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