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Father’s Day

Growing up, I thought that every family on earth was perfect except for mine. I was certain that each of my friends had two problem-free parents who took their kids to Disney World every summer.  I just knew that I was the only kid in the world who had to keep quiet about what was […]

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How You Forgive

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At a Distance

There are two ways to follow Jesus. One is boring, comfortable, safe, and joyless. The other is an amazing adventure. Click here to be redirected to my latest article at Forthright.

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Get Real

News flash, I’m a bit socially awkward. Ok, there’s not a bit to it. I’m weird. But the more people I meet the more I realize that we’re all weird. Right? (Agree so you’ll make me feel better, please. Thanks.) Life is awkward and sometimes infuriating (I hope you aren’t here for a pep talk. […]

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