What Do You Want?

March 6, 2013

I encountered a skeptical soul recently who was quite curious why my congregation was helping his family. His exact words were, “Why are y’all so nice? What do you want?”
I explained that we didn’t want anything other than to show them and him the love of Jesus. With a raised brow and the wisdom gained from his twelve years, he explained that people don’t help other people without wanting something in return.
He knew that wasn’t how the world works and he knew the world well. He wasn’t belligerent or arrogant. He just found it awfully hard to understand people who would get involved with another, help them, and love them for no apparent reason.
What do you want?
The Lord asked this question to those who hunted him down in the garden. Who were they looking for (John 18:4)? Was it someone who had loved the unlovable, touched the untouchable, and listened to those without a voice? Was it one not only religious but compassionate and merciful or one who spoke words of light in a dark and lonely place? Those soldiers and officials couldn’t be looking for someone like that because people like that don’t exist. Right?
What does your congregation want?
Are you known in your community for loving, serving, and making a difference in the world around you or are you locked tightly behind double doors? Are you afraid of getting involved with others because they look and act and sin differently from you? Are you so set in your ways that you refuse to bring others in? Do you want to be left alone as you go about your Sunday and Wednesday routine turning a blind eye to the needy, hurting, and lost?
The world is watching and expecting the church to be arrogant and judgmental. Blow their minds. Love because Christ loved you. Forgive because you’ve been forgiven. Give grace when you don’t have to. Don’t just go the extra mile; go out of your way to get there!
Love others so much it makes them wonder why. And when they ask what you want, tell them you want to be like Jesus. 
The world needs a Savior. Introduce them to yours.

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