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Death < Christ

I remember the Tuesday evening my mother put me in her lap and told me dad had died. I don’t remember anything else about that day other than hearing those haunting words as I watched my young brother roll his toy cars on my bedroom floor. The phone call I received that Sunday night ten […]

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Bad News Vs Good News (Loses Every Time)

I have several friends that I would like to ask you to pray for. I hate bad news but so thankful that the Good News is more powerful. My latest article at Forthright has gone live. Thank you for your prayers and your encouragement.

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Faulkner University

Enjoyed being at the 2013 Faulkner University Lectureships. speaking at Lester Chapel, and meeting several sweet, wonderful Christians. If you get a chance, check out their website.

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What Do You Want?

I encountered a skeptical soul recently who was quite curious why my congregation was helping his family. His exact words were, “Why are y’all so nice? What do you want?” I explained that we didn’t want anything other than to show them and him the love of Jesus. With a raised brow and the wisdom gained from […]

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