Going Home

December 13, 2012

My youngest and I started bike riding over the summer.  A few times a week, we would don our helmets and ride the trails in our little town.
The majority of our ride was easy since there were several places where we were able to coast and enjoy the breeze. That was especially nice when the temperature was still in the low 90s at 8:00 PM.
After riding for an hour or so, we’d head back home and every time found ourselves wiped out before we got to the large hill that we live on. We’ve even dubbed it the mountain of death. However, I wouldn’t mention that to any biker enthusiast and I’m certain people like Edmund Hillary would fail to be amused.
There was one ride near the end of summer break that was especially difficult. We were both exhausted and my youngest decided at the bottom that it was impossible. She would never be able to make it up that hill. She put her bike down, laid on the side of the road, and asked if I would go ahead of her and come back with our truck. After a few minutes of coaxing, she finally persevered and we both made it. Getting home was sweeter that night after a difficult journey.
Life is like that, isn’t it? The harder times make us appreciate the easy ones. And isn’t it comforting to know that someday we will meet Jesus face and face and he’ll say those words we so desperately long for, ”It’s over now.”  Our illnesses will be cured and our tears wiped away. Our disappointments, failures, and stressors will be gone forever. We’ll join him and those who have gone before us for an eternity of peace and joy.
Until that time comes, may we have the strength to endure the ride regardless of how difficult those mountains can be.

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