Notes on Fear and Faith

March 15, 2012

It took awhile to finish a prayer with my youngest recently. My mind had drifted to the national news that had been too close to our home that afternoon.

I looked at those beautiful blue eyes smiling up at me and thought of all the things I wanted her to know. Things like:

We are soldiers and can endure, regardless of the obstacles in our path.

Understand that bad things are going to happen whether it be weather patterns or bad decisions.

Place the blame for evil acts where it is due, at the feet of the adversary; the one who will stop at nothing to destroy us and our faith in our God. And never forget that the Devil celebrates each time a believer turns away from their first love.

Life is difficult and will, at times, leave us on our knees wondering why and how a good God could let this or that happen.

We may feel completely alone but many have been in that same valley. Flip through your nearest Bible and hear pain and heartache coming from the first family and every family since.

Not one of us has not wondered, has not cried, and has not asked, “Why?” but few have been given an answer. In fact, God never promised he would answer all our questions he just promised never to leave and he hasn’t despite the way we may feel.

I don’t want to give the impression that this life is grim and not worth it, but I do want to be honest. It has its dark times but it has the most glorious moments, as well.

I don’t want my children to expect total protection from a God who never agreed to it. I just want them to be strong enough to get through it. I want them to know that this life will have its heartache and pain but we will one day see Jesus, face to face. There is nothing here that can happen to them that will take that moment away.

I want them to persevere, to be lights in a dark place, and to make a difference for God in their little corner of this crazy world.

I want them to know that fear and faith sometimes go hand in hand and that’s ok. A little fear is a good thing but never let it take hold and paralyze your entire life.

Trust that the Creator of the Universe can get you through whatever it is you may face.

Just a few things for my kids. Thanks for reading and click here to read the Forthright article Fear and Faith.

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