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January 10, 2012

The following is from Mike and Karen Hoots. Please consider helping with the work in Homestead, Fl. The link at the bottom of this message is to the Christian Chronicle article detailing the work there.

Hello Brother, Sisters and Friends:

Karen and I want to thank all of you for your prayers and love throughout the years. Your prayers are paying off. The Lord’s work is blossoming and coming to a head as if it is about to explode. All three congregations that the Lord has used us to get started are doing well and growing. They have become self-supporting and self-sufficient. It is great watching what the Lord has done as we see these congregations working on their own. It leaves us with mixed feelings similar to the feeling of watching your child grow up and move out on their own.

Presently, our main concentration is on the Homestead church of Christ. This congregation, at one time, was over 200 members and is down in the thirties. But God has opened their hearts and it is now starting to grow again through us working through J4L (Jesus 4 Life) ministries, which is a youth group of over 170 people ranging from 4 to 29 years old and Redland Christian Academy. We are now reaching to their families, and bringing them to the Homestead congregation. It is a fun church planting, working through the children to reach the parents.

Karen has started working part-time at her secular job so she can help me oversee the work going on here and start ministering and studying the Bible with adults. Since the beginning of the year she has already made several connections, made visitations and has started a Bible study with a mother and her daughter. The fields here have been plowed, planted and are now ready for the harvest.

We do need your help. We need to raise $400.00 a month in support since we are losing $650.00 worth of support that we budgeted so Karen could work with us. We were trying to raise enough so she wouldn’t have to work two days at her old secular job but that didn’t happen, so God opened the door for her to work part time, but we do need to raise the $400.00 a month. We are praying for maybe four congregations or individuals who could partner with us at $100.00 a month. If $100.00 is not possible, any amount will help us get closer to our need.

Please prayerfully consider this plea, and get out the word to anyone or any congregation that you know. We do have a support package we can send out to anyone who is interested.

Thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration of partnering with us in this ministry.

In Service to our King,
Mike & Karen Hoots

Click here to read the Christian Chronicle article.

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