Dear Graduate

May 22, 2011

Spring begets a bittersweet time in many of our congregations as some of our young people will be graduating from school and starting a new chapter in their lives. Let’s take a moment and focus on those who, at a tender age, are determined to live godly lives in ungodly times.
So dear graduate our prayer is that you become:
as mighty as Samson,
as faithful as David,
as dedicated as Nehemiah,
and as patient as Job.
We are certain that you can be as brave as Esther,
as passionate as Jeremiah,
and as loving as Ruth.
We hope you are as quick to care for others as Elisha,
as motivated as Noah,
and as bold as Paul.
We will pray that you become as studious as Ezra
and as encouraging to others as Barnabas.
We encourage you to stay busy with good deeds like Tabitha,
are as humble as Moses,
as tenderhearted as Josiah,
and as trusting in the Lord as Abraham.
We hope that you are as understanding as the Ethiopian Eunuch,
as pure as Joseph,
and when you sin, because we all sin, we pray that you are as eager to repent as Peter.
We are so proud of your accomplishments thus far, and are excited to see what God has planned for your future and we make you this promise: 
we will pray for you, love you, and be here for you 
as you embark on a new adventure and set an example for others ( I Timothy 4:12), as you become more like Jesus.

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