Bible Class Teacher’s Book

May 17, 2011

I love teaching the Kindergarten and 1st Grade Bible Class. As I’ve said before, those kids are the cutest, sweetest, and brightest kids I’ve ever known (yes, I’m biased and that’s ok 🙂

Recently, I began working on my third book & I need your help. This book will be dedicated to the Bible Class teacher.

My hope is that it will encourage others to get in a classroom and show those who are, how much they are appreciated.

We all have that special teacher. Mine was Ms. Hilda. Not only was she beautiful but she always bore a smile and a gentle tone. I’ll never forget her and the influence she had on my childhood and I’ll never forget those times when I got to spend the afternoon playing at her house either. She wasn’t just a teacher. She brought the Bible to life, got involved in mine, and made an impact with this preacher’s kid.

A few years ago, I heard a sermon about teachers and the influence they can have on their students. I went straight home and wrote a note to Ms. Hilda thanking her for her years in the classroom and the positive role she had in my life.

If you’ve ever been a Bible class teacher or ever had one, I need your help. I’m sending letters out across the world asking for your advice, favorite Bible class memories, and about your favorite Bible class teacher.

My goal is to compile your advice, encouragement, and humorous stories into one book for the Bible class teacher. If you’re interested in participating in this project, please contact me for the questionnaire.

Thank you!

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