Giving Up

May 7, 2011

Many speeches, books, and sermons have been written on the importance of perseverance. Keep on, keepin’ on is a familiar adage for many of us and rightfully so. However, there are times when the most valuable move a Christian can make, is to give up.

Giving up Regret

Judas was regretful (Matthew 27). So regretful, in fact, that he took his own life. Too many times we allow regret to keep us from God. We agonize over past mistakes and let them define who we are for eternity.

Giving up Pride

The proud have no regard for God. They think that they can do all things on their own and are surprised when their world crumbles around them ( Proverbs 16:18).

Giving up Worry

Jesus tells us not to worry ( Matthew 6:25). He knew it wouldn’t make us taller, smarter, or richer. Worrying adds clouds to an otherwise sunny day.

Giving up Greed

The rich young ruler was ready to follow Christ ( Mark 10:17ff). He had kept all the commandments and done what he thought he needed to do. He was certain that he was ready but Jesus told him that there was something he had overlooked.

Giving up Selfishness

Can you imagine how different the world would be if each of us put the interest of others above our own? Can you imagine the marriages that would be saved? The pews that would be filled? The wars that would end? Paul tells us (Philippians 2:3-4) to esteem others above ourselves. Isn’t it time to put those words into practice?

Giving up Perfection

I’m tired of the perfect Christian, aren’t you? They have flawless marriages, problem free kids, and perfect lives. They have no temptations, few if any worries, and never have to deal with stress. Do you know them? I’m certain that you don’t. Not one of us is even in the vicinity of perfection yet we sometimes let it or the pursuit of it become one of our greatest enemies.

Sometimes we’re not strong enough to give up. Our fleshly nature grasps what is familiar and sadly, we’re more comfortable with regret, pride, worry, greed, selfishness, and the pursuit of perfection.

Our world promotes giving in to our wants. It stresses that life is all about us. If only we can focus on ourselves and our problems then we’ll stay blinded to the love and peace of our Heavenly Father.

It’s time to stop giving in to what’s keeping you from Jesus. Let go of your troubles and give them to God. You won’t be strong enough to do it on your own and thankfully you won’t have to.

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