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Next Book Project

I’m sending out letters across the country asking for your thoughts, advice, memories, and funny stories related to the Bible Class. I know there are golden stories out there that will inspire and encourage. Please contact me if you’d like to participate. Here’s the link to the Forthright article that explains why I’m doing this […]

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Dear Graduate

Spring begets a bittersweet time in many of our congregations as some of our young people will be graduating from school and starting a new chapter in their lives. Let’s take a moment and focus on those who, at a tender age, are determined to live godly lives in ungodly times. So dear graduate our […]

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The End

Some have scheduled the end of the world for Saturday, May 21st. There have been others throughout our history that knew the moment (or thought they did) that the world was going to end. However, hundreds of dates have been set, come, and gone with no sign of Christ’s returning. I’m not sure if there […]

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Bible Class Teacher’s Book

I love teaching the Kindergarten and 1st Grade Bible Class. As I’ve said before, those kids are the cutest, sweetest, and brightest kids I’ve ever known (yes, I’m biased and that’s ok 🙂 Recently, I began working on my third book & I need your help. This book will be dedicated to the Bible Class […]

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What’s New?

A couple notes of interest: Jay Guin in taking a poll on your favorite blogs. Check that out by clicking here. I’m sharing a few of the lessons I’ve learned as a mother at Read my latest article at An Encouraging Word here.

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Giving Up

Many speeches, books, and sermons have been written on the importance of perseverance. Keep on, keepin’ on is a familiar adage for many of us and rightfully so. However, there are times when the most valuable move a Christian can make, is to give up. Giving up Regret Judas was regretful (Matthew 27). So regretful, […]

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