Finally Home

January 16, 2011

I don’t know why she did it but there was a time when our youngest would get mad at me or my husband and with great exasperation would announce, “I want to go home!”

While she went through the terrible twos and the much terribler (is that a word 😉 threes, this saying would be proclaimed several times throughout one day.

Apparently, she thought she belonged somewhere else or with a set of parents who would bow to her every whim. Bless her heart.

She eventually realized that she was home and this is where God wanted her to be but her saying has stuck around. Sometimes when my husband or I get aggravated or frustrated with life, we’ll grin at each other and say, “I want to go home.”

This song is all about the home we’re looking forward to and one of my absolute favorites. Hope you like it and if I don’t get to see you on this side of Heaven, I look forward to seeing you when we all get home.

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  •    Wendy  |  January 16th, 2011 at 10:53 pm     Reply

    Love that song! A lady at my previous congregation was being treated in hospital for advanced breast cancer but was responding well. The minister was visiting her and was so encouraged at how well she was – he said “I’ll next see you when you are home”. She died the next day. He related the exchange at her funeral. He will see her when he is home too…

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