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Hold Fast

The world offers pain, heartache, betrayal, violence, and a promise of abandonment. Christ offers love, acceptance, mercy, forgiveness, truth, and a promise of an eternal home. We know what’s offered. We know what’s to gain so why do we so willingly chose the world time and time again? Don’t worry about yesterday. It’s gone. Don’t […]

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Go Ye?

I was talking to someone I love and greatly respect about taking Jesus into our community and getting involved in other’s lives when he told me about a meeting he had sat in on several years ago. This classroom was being used for those in the congregation to have “business meetings” and one man had […]

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In Better Hands Now

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Finally Home

I don’t know why she did it but there was a time when our youngest would get mad at me or my husband and with great exasperation would announce, “I want to go home!” While she went through the terrible twos and the much terribler (is that a word 😉 threes, this saying would be […]

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The Evil Truth

Click here to read my thoughts on the Tucson shooting. Choosing Jesus means picking a fight with the Devil but don’t be afraid. God is on our side (Romans 8:31).

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Kids Say the Greatest Things

I was heading toward the lobby on my way out of the building Wednesday night when I walked past one of my Sunday morning Kindergarten Bible class kids. With a wide smile, she talked to the preacher. He was bent over and listening intently so, curiously, I drew closer. I couldn’t help grinning as I […]

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