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Tis the Season

I received the Christmas wish list for several of the kids at the Manuelito Navajo Children’s Home and was going to post it here. However, instead of posting the entire list, I think it would be simpler if we inundated the home with Wal-Mart gift cards. Will you join me in helping support this wonderful […]

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Day after Day

There are some things in life that are predictable. I can pretty much guarantee that tomorrow my youngest child is going to fuss about the clothes that she picks out (Note: she picks out her own clothes and still gripes about having to wear them), one of my kids is going to need a ride […]

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Peter had been blind-sided. One moment he was in the calm and quiet garden with Jesus. The next he stood in a chaotic courtyard at the door of the high priest ( John 18:16). By the warmth of the fire, he must have wondered where God was. Why wasn’t he intervening? Didn’t he care that […]

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I was reading the Profile page on Facebook recently when I ran across the news of a Disney channel celebrity who has recently entered rehab. It seems this young star has been battling an eating disorder and cutting herself. There was a comment on the thread that was disturbing. A teen remarked that she couldn’t […]

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Anything Like Me?

There’s a new song on country music radio about a father talking about his unborn son. The chorus has the words, “If he’s anything like me,” and then goes into the similarities that the two will probably have in common. Every time I hear it, I think about my heavenly Father. I’m grateful that he […]

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