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God is Faithful!

The check has been mailed. Thanks to everyone who prayed for this cause but thanks to God especially for seeing this through. It was God that worked this out and I’m grateful that He is so loving, caring, & trustworthy. I have a new article at Encouraging Word all about our God. Check out Anything […]

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A Wild Ride

We’ve bought a bus for $6,000. Not sure if we’ve secured all the funds yet, however, we’re pressing on and leaving that part up to God. It took 2 and a half days to raise $3,500 and wish we could’ve gotten a good bus (with AC) at auction for that amount. However, I’m sure the […]

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My Own Little World

I have a problem staying plugged-in. My mind races. I’m always thinking about what needs to be done or how I could’ve done or said something differently. I mentally work on my own writing. I get to one room and forget why I’m there and spend too much time back-tracking. My own little world can […]

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Love This Song!

Heard this song on K-Love and LOVE it! Click here to listen.

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