Where Were You?

August 28, 2010

I cut the following out of my latest article at Forthright and decided to use it here. That terrible morning comes to mind every December or everytime someone mentions their highschool.

Where Where You?

I was getting ready for work the morning of December 1st, 1997 when I heard the DJ say that there had been a shooting at Heath High School. I’ll never forget how his voice cracked when he mentioned the word ‘causalities’ or the chill that rose up my spine. Nor will I forget the long drive to work on the same road that passed the school. I had graduated from there years before and still had friends (students and teachers) that attended. I remember praying intensely for them hoping and pleading for this to be a terrible dream.

As I drove, I passed a man changing the sign in front of his business. He wiped his eyes as he walked away from the marquee that held the words, ‘Pray for our children’. I continued to pray as the tears began to flow.

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