February 2, 2010

A decade or two ago, getting a good connection wasn’t that big of a deal. People didn’t panic if they couldn’t get on the Internet. Not being able to check your Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail account wasn’t life shattering. Still, there are days when the Internet is too slow and we’re not able to connect.

Aren’t you glad that some connections are always secure?

Our Connection to Christ

Our first and greatest connection is to Jesus. It is Him we seek to glorify. It isn’t our peers, the world, or even the church. It is the Christ. Scripture tells us to seek first His kingdom (Matthew 6:33) and to set our minds on things above (Colossians 3:2), yet too often we get lost in the daily details of this life, forgetting to give our struggles to the One who can overcome them.

Our Connection to Each Other

Our family in Christ is a great blessing. Drawing support and encouragement from other children of God will see us through times of trail and despair. Laughing and rejoicing with our brothers and sisters in Christ adds to any joyous occasions. It’s time to put aside our differences, offer and accept the apologies, and move forward. We need each other.

Our Connection to the World

Jesus said to go into the world (Mark 16:15-16). We have an obligation to make earthly connections. May we influence others for Christ by showing them what He means to us, not only on Sunday mornings in the safe, comfortable, warm pew but during the rest of the week when life offers stress, insecurities, and sorrow.

Life is about connections. Today, let us resolve to strengthen those that matter: the connection to our Savior, our Christian family, and to a world that is perishing.

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