Lesson’s Learned From the Kindergarten Bible Class

November 19, 2009

taken from I Samuel 24 and 26

It’s not fun or easy to pray for people who are mean to you.

God, like Grandmas, will never stop loving you.

We should always thank God for Jesus, even if we’re in a hurry.

Caves are cool (as in “I wish I had my own cave.”)

Forgiving a bully is just as hard for a 5 year as it is for a 50 year old.

If King David can be sneaky, then being sneaky can’t be all that bad. (We spent a lot of time debating this one.)

Singing the Lord’s Army is funner if you sing it cowboy style.

Even though it sounds good in theory, it’s impossible to actually marry Dairy Queen (Go figure…)

At the beginning of our class, we always put a prayer list on the board. Who should we pray for? Those who are sick, those we love, those we are thankful for. But then I asked something out of the ordinary. I asked if they knew any bullies. Immediately, names were dropped. When I started to write a name on the board, one little blond stopped me. “Don’t put his name on there,” he stated rather loudly. “We can’t pray for him! He’s mean!”

He said what many of us feel every time we are faced with someone difficult to be around. However, by the of the end of class time, we all understood how important it is to show love and mercy on those hard to get along with. God loves all people even the means ones.

Loving and forgiving our enemies isn’t easy no matter our age. The important thing is to do it (Luke 6).

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