You completely missed the coronation!

September 24, 2009

My Wednesday night Kindergarten Bible class is one of the most enjoyable parts of my week (I love my teen girls, too on Sunday mornings; however if you’re reading this… let’s be honest,- you’re not as funny as the 5 year olds 😉

We always start class with a prayer. For the first few minutes they tell me who and what we should pray for. As they talk I write their prayer requests on the board. I learn EVERYTHING about what is going on in these kid’s lives and the lives of their friends. (Parents, you have my word that I will never, ever, repeat what they tell me. I promise that I will take it to my grave, however I may giggle a little when I see you. I’m sorry. I can’t help it)

The kids always want to pray for their teachers, friends, animals, presidents, principals, mail delivery people, the dog down the street, the dead dog down the other street, every cat in the city, and every grandparent on the face of the Earth.

I learn very disgusting things that kids in Kindergarten do (trust me, you don’t want to know). I know every sickness every child in kindergarten has (who threw up and who didn’t is always a hot topic). And I always get the low down on whether their teacher was happy or mad that day.

After the prayer list and prayer we move from the table to the other side of the room onto the large carpet with a picture of a town complete with streets and buildings (that comes in handy at the end of class). On the carpet we sing the books of the OT and NT then I take a couple requests.

Once everyone picks a song we move into our lesson. After saying, “Criss-cross applesauce. Hands in your lap” (which immediately stops the 5 year old boys from turning flips. . . for about 3.6 seconds) I proceed with the lesson.

Tonight’s lesson- the first King of Israel. After the Bible story, we discussed what it meant to be a King. I then asked who would like to be crowned a King. Immediately, several hands went up. I walked to the table and picked up my extra large bowl filled to the rim with oil. I told them that we would have to anoint a King the same way Samuel did. I was very careful not to spill the oil as I walked back across the room to the little blond-hair boy who had taken it upon himself to sit on our throne.

I tried not to let the oil slosh out of the bowl and watched his eyes get bigger and bigger the closer I got to him. I quickly went over the story again and then when his eyes were as big as they could get (and matched his smile). I dumped the entire bowl on his head. He flinched a bit as the confetti went everywhere!

They were so excited about being “anointed” that they quickly picked up the ‘oil’ and we continued crowning kings for the next few minutes. Later after moving back to the table, we decorated our crowns, complete with gold stickers and sparkly stars.

By the end of class, we were back on our rug. This time for questions. Our hot rods were reving their engines at the starting line and only allowed to proceed to the next stop sign once we answered a question correctly.

Tonight was fun. It was a bit chaotic but it was worth it and by the end of class, these little ones knew who the first King of Israel was, who poured the oil, and how God felt about the Israelites wanting a King.

Are you teaching a Bible class? If not, I highly recommend it! And if you’ve never taught children, I encourage you to get involved in their education. Teach the Bible and save the world 😉

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