Do you know the Swing Set Song?

June 18, 2009

I love children! I think they’re the greatest people to be around so every time Wednesday rolls around I’m always excited to be able to spend some quality time with the kids in Bible class.

Last night was no exception. At the beginning of class, we always start a prayer list. One child was very disappointed that we had never prayed for clowns. He said that we should always thank God for clowns so we did.

I always let the kids “request” their favorite Bible song, however, one 5 year old stumped me when he requested the Swingset Song. I told him he would have to teach it to me so he composed himself, then in a low voice began, “Swing low, sweet Chariot.”

Later in the class we had a knock at the door. One little boy jumped up and proclaimed, “You have more customers!”

As the night progressed, one child asked if I had kids of my own. I nodded and told him that I have five including four teenagers. I said, “That’s a lot of teenagers, isn’t it?” He agreed solemnly, “That’s a whole lot!” Then seriously he asked, “What are teenagers?”

Teaching a children’s Bible class is not only a responsibility but a privilege and I encourage you to get to know the kids in your congregation. They are our greatest asset.

I have a new article at Forthright and invite you stop by and read the many articles on Forthright’s site. I hope you have a great day!

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