Wonderfully Worthy and Wholly Holy

April 19, 2009

Webster’s defines the term “worthy” as having adequate or great merit, character, or value and although there may be times in our life when we don’t feel especially worthy, God, by giving his Son for us, proved that we are (John 3:16).

Long before we were born, God saw our worth and set into action a plan that would offer us salvation (Romans 5:8). He saw our sins and weaknesses and still thought we were worthy enough to be called His. Many in the world search for their worth in their jobs, their possessions, and their pride, yet Christians know that their worth can only be found in Jesus.

Not only are all people worthy, but children of God are told many times throughout the Bible to be holy, however, that term has a tendency to worry people. Many think that being holy, indicates an unobtainable perfection even though being holy doesn’t mean being perfect, in fact, many children of God had very imperfect lives. Remember when Abraham lied, Moses killed, and Peter denied?

God told us to be holy and Christians should strive to live holy lives. Worthy lives and holy living should affect the way we act, dress, talk, and live. Christians have been set apart from the world and our lives should reflect that.

We are holy and we are worthy because we are His so let’s start every morning reminding ourselves of this fact.

Have a great week and don’t forget that you are wonderfully worthy and wholly holy!

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