Are You Sure?

March 30, 2009

I have the opportunity to coach an elementary school chess team and last week was our annual chess tournament. I repeatedly stress to my students that chess is a lot like life. The choices you make, whether good or bad, will influence your outcome and although you may think you’re making a good choice, in the end, it may not be a good decision after all. I always encourage the kids to ask themselves, before they make a move, if it is the best move and if not, why not.

At the tournament, I overheard one of my students say to his opponent from another school, “Ah, ah, ah, are you sure you want to make that move?” I couldn’t keep from smiling since he could have won the game had he allowed his opponent to move his piece but apparently, for one of them, the goal of the match wasn’t about winning, it was about making good decisions and isn’t that really the secret of the entire game, and for all purposes, the secret of life?

David was a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22) yet, like each of us, he didn’t always make the best choices. David should have stopped in 2 Samuel 11 and asked himself, “Is this the move I want to make? Is this a good decision? The best choice? Should I:

look at her?”

ask about her?”

talk to her?”

sleep with her?”

Scripture doesn’t tell us if David contemplated any of his decisions concerning Bathsheba but it does tell us that he made each one and we know that David’s bad decision to look lustfully at a woman who wasn’t his wife eventually led to murder. Bad decisions usually lead to bad decisions. If only David had thought, prayed, and refused, imagine how different his life would have been.

Friends, our life is made up of decisions and each one will in some way influence our destiny. Do we consider our choices like those students on the chess team that carefully ponder each move or do we rush through our lives oblivious to the consequences that each decision will bring?

Make the right choices in your life; choose Jesus and remember concentrating is our strategy on the chess team, but praying should be our strategy in life.

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