February 8, 2009

While our electricity was out for nine days, we were left with only one working phone. The phone in the family room is one of those old fashioned phones. You know the kind that still have the cord attached. Apparently, this type of phone created an anomaly for my teenagers. Since all four of my older children have their own cell phone and cell phones didn’t work for about half of those nine days, my children were forced to do something they haven’t done in years, answer a phone with a cord still attached. I had no idea it would be such a problem.

Take this situation for instance:

The phone is ringing in the family room. I am in the back of the house studying. I hear the phone ringing so I start yelling, “Get the phone!” I know some of my children are in the family room because I can hear them talking to each other.

Still, the phone rings. I yell a little louder this time, “Get the phone!” Still talking, but still ringing phone. I put down my books and notebook and start trying to get out of my rocking chair (which is not as easy as it use to be).

By the time I get to the phone, it has stopped ringing. I turned to my 14 year old son, the only child in the room who didn’t run out when they heard me coming, and inquire rather loudly, “Why didn’t you answer the phone?”

He looks at me and innocently answered, “Why do people keep calling us all the time?”

It’s time like these when I wonder if any jury in the land would convict me and it’s time like these that I think Jesus really, really hard.

Do you have those moments of frustration when you just want to scream? If you’re like me (and you’re breathing) you do, so think Jesus, laugh at the craziness, and let it all go.

Have a great week!

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