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Yesterday I got the opportunity to meet some friends from the Internet (and, yes, my teens took this opportunity to give me the same lecture about meeting people from the net that their father and I gave them a few years ago), however, yesterday we headed north to the Mt Dora church where Bob Bliss […]

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We’re on our second family vacation in 8 years! (It’s hard getting all seven of us on the same schedule.) For recent articles, click on Forthright (on your right, under Links and once you’re there, click on An Encouraging Word). Happy Holidays!

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I love a good cause!

Click here to see how you can help a friend a world away!

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Diverting the Details of Destruction

Are you letting details run your life? It seems like I’m constantly running from one scheduled event to the next, and it never fails, that when I’m faced with the possibility of free time, something unexpected pops up. Life is full of details that if given the chance, can destroy our faith and take us […]

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Doing Anything Special for Christmas?

Here’s a great opportunity to help children (my favorite kind of people)! Just click here and follow Randal’s link “More Info Here” to the LAR Maná children’s home site!

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Living in Fast Forward

Whoever wrote the line, “Too Blessed to be Stressed” has never visited the Harrington household. We are a very busy family. We’re either texting, chatting, blogging, cooking, running, working, playing, sleeping, studying, you name it, we’re doing it. With five kids, one dog and a cat, our house is always chaotic. Each child is going […]

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