The Light

October 3, 2008

Every morning when I get to work and get settled, I start walking the halls. One of my tasks is to take notes here or drop items off there and while I walk, I always have the day’s agenda running through my mind. Which kid plays which sport where today? What time is that meeting? Did I enter yesterday’s data into the computer correctly? What am I going to cook for dinner? Did I mail those bills? I wish I’d had another cup of coffee! Thoughts like these play like a broken record while I walk, except in one spot. In the middle of one hallway are a set of doors that lead to the playground. In the morning, the sun shines through so strongly that as I walk by I am completely blinded by the light. It’s there when I stop thinking about everything else and focus on where I’m walking. And it’s there, every morning, when I think about Jesus.

Life isn’t much different than my morning routine. As we walk this earth, we allow stress to saturate our lives moving us further away from God. We don’t plan on worrying about life’s problems, but gradually we allow the world to sneak in and take over. But Jesus is always there. He’s there when we awaken. He’s there when we’re trying to figure out what to wear. He’s there when we’re driving to work. He’s there when things get crazy. He’s there waiting, hoping that we’ll see Him and allow Him to take over. Why don’t we?

Tomorrow when life gets hectic and the world tries to sabotage you, see Jesus and allow His peace to work in you. The Light is the only place to be.

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