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Just think of all the sermons that could be preached on this.

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Fall Creek Falls 2008

One of our annual rituals is to go to Fall Creek Falls State Park in southeastern TN with friends from our congregation. Here are some pictures. I have an article in the works about the Cable Trail.

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Creator of the Universe seeking lost souls and broken hearts for adventure beyond your wildest dreams. Applicants must be prepared for love, mercy, and grace so abounding that you may be surprised. Applicants must not be selfish or prideful, but have an open heart and open mind. You must be willing to believe what you […]

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The Light

Every morning when I get to work and get settled, I start walking the halls. One of my tasks is to take notes here or drop items off there and while I walk, I always have the day’s agenda running through my mind. Which kid plays which sport where today? What time is that meeting? […]

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My Father

It’s a proven fact that fathers play a significant role in their child’s life. My father is very special. This blog is dedicated to him. My Father: -was there the night I was born. I wish I could’ve seen the first time he smiled down at me. -always loved me. I know that even before […]

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