At the Cross

August 1, 2008

As we bow at the cross we strive to block the worries of our lives; the financial burdens, the family problems, the absence of social morals, but as we begin to realize the importance of where we are, the worldly troubles begin to fade. Our issues diminish as we behold the blood slowly trickling down the wood and into the dirt beneath us. What we see next should change us forever.

At the cross we see the darkest day in history.

No other tragic event could compare with the death of the Son of God. The Word was in the beginning with God and became flesh (John 1), yet He was born to give that life for sinners like us. How could He be so perfect, so loving, so full of grace and glory and still be here in this situation?

At the cross we see the greatest moment in time.

What other point in time could compare to our Savior giving His life for us? There is not a more glorious day than that day at Calvary. God giving His Son because of His love and mercy for us should be on our minds at all times, not only on Sunday mornings at an appointed time, but every day, every second.

At the cross we see our Savior.

His thoughts weren’t on Himself, but on the welfare of others. The first statement He made at that cross wasn’t for His own well-being, but for the concern for those putting Him to death and His second statement was to a thief. He assured him that “Today you will be with me in Paradise.” (Luke 23:43) Only Jesus has the authority to bypass baptism on the way to salvation.

At the cross we see true love.

The world’s view of true love is nothing more than lust (and the divorce rate is proof of that), however, Jesus’s view of love is giving His life for us. There is no greater, truer love than that.

At the cross we see real peace.

“Not as the world offers peace,” He says in John 15:27. Peace will never be present without Jesus.

At the cross we see our lives.

From our earliest memories we can see Him. Through the joys, the tears, the daily details, we see Him there watching us, smiling at us, holding us. We see the mistakes we’ve made, the sins we’ve committed, the wayward moments of open rebellion, yet even then, He’s there, watching and waiting for us to come home. We see His face when we finally get it and finally realize what this life is all about.

At the cross we see our future.

We see where He’s taking us and we have hope. We have an assurance so real, so genuine that nothing could or will keep us from it. We wait for the day that He will take us home and pray that He comes soon; not only for us but for our family and friends. We finally understand that only today matters in this life; yesterday is over and tomorrow may never happen, but today we have the opportunity to show Him how much we want to spend eternity with Him. .

What do you see at the cross? Do you see the worries of each day? Do you see your hectic schedules, stressed lives, and many problems or do you look up and see Jesus and His love for you?

Come to the cross, bend your knees, raise your eyes, and open your heart. He will change your life.

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