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Jeremiah was a Prophet

We’ve been studying prophets in our kindergarten Bible class. The other day at lunch I was trying to think of a song for the lesson and a girl at work came up with the song, “Jeremiah was a prophet” to the tune of the bullfrog song. I thought it was cute so that night I […]

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The Funeral

I had a moving article all ready about a funeral then I came home to an answering machine full of messages. Tonight one of my closest friend’s,sister-in-law was shot and killed by her husband. He took his own life shortly after. Please pray for the two young boys left, the family as they plan the […]

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Kindergarten Christianity

I love kindergarteners! They are brutally honest and completely sincere; however, they can be a tad on the exhausting side. They want things their way and sometimes when they don’t get it, they become volatile. Sadly, some of us are no different. We want things our way or no way. We expect our prayers to […]

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At the Cross

As we bow at the cross we strive to block the worries of our lives; the financial burdens, the family problems, the absence of social morals, but as we begin to realize the importance of where we are, the worldly troubles begin to fade. Our issues diminish as we behold the blood slowly trickling down […]

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