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Who Am I?

This is my favorite song. Everytime I hear it, I’m reminded of why I’m here and who I am. Hope you like it.

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Footprints in the Sand

The popular poem Footprints in the Sand is a reminder of how we are never alone. Jesus is always with us, even carrying us at our darkest moments, however, the poem could be altered a bit and show another set of footprints. As Jesus walks by our side and is with us each moment, someone […]

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What Jesus Won’t Do

When’s the last time you considered what Jesus won’t do for you? Sometimes, what He won’t do is just as important as meditating on what He will do. Jesus won’t give you everything you want. Looking back, can’t we honestly say that we’re grateful for the things that we didn’t get in our lives; the […]

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Drastic Times Call for Drastic Measures

Drastic-adj Severe or radical in nature; extreme We are living in drastic times. Divorce is rampant, young girls are making pacts with their friends to get pregnant, spouses are killing their children and each other, hate and bigotry are all around us. God is getting pushed out of the media, the school, and the home. […]

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Don’t Go to Church!

I was working the cash register at our family business the other night when I noticed a teenager a few customers back with a t-shirt that had, “Don’t Go To Church!” on the front. I couldn’t stop looking at that shirt and by the time he was in front of me, I let him have […]

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Anything Goes Once Jesus is Gone

Galatians 5:22-24 I’m always saddened when I hear of Christians who have slowly pushed Jesus out of their lives. Whether they were faced with tragedy or disappointment, or were just being stubborn, they changed their lives and altered their futures by easing Jesus out. The Bible talks about those who knew the knowledge of our […]

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The Dangers of Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is a lucrative business. There are countless self-help books and seminars devoted to the topic. Just look at the hundreds of books lining the shelves at your local bookstore and library. You could spend years reading all of them or you could spend a few quiet moments reading the only self-help book you’ll ever […]

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Are You Ready to Turn the World Upside Down?

Acts 17:6 gives us a very interesting description of the early Christians. They were revolutionizing the world! Isn’t it amazing that followers of Christ were so devoted to Him that others declared they were turning the world upside down!? Do folks say that about you? Let’s think of a few ways that we can turn […]

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