VBS Day 1

June 10, 2008

Day One of our “Road Trip” Vacation Bible School theme went very well. Today’s lesson was on the Good Samaritan. We opened with a skit, songs, and a prayer, then I took my class of kindergarteners (the cutest around) to crafts. Later, after crafts and the most important part of VBS, snacks(consisting of the scriptural two cookies and kool-aid) we headed back up the hill to our Bible class decked out in road maps, cars, racetrack borders, and even a globe hanging from the ceiling (the kids wanted a disco ball so we compromised ((how do kindergarteners know about disco balls, anyway? I digress))) for our lesson. First, the black light story of the Good Samaritan, then our first coloring sheet, and finally to our first game. My 16 year old was our Jew for the day and we were the Samaritans. I blindfolded the kids, spun them around, then they had to stick bandaids on him. They managed to cover his whole face (I think they were peeking). As the game came to an end (it must not have been that exciting) for I said to the nine children in the classrom that our Jew was like the one that had been beaten up…but before I could finish my sentence, one of those precious kindergarteners came to his feet in utter excitement and asked, “Oh, oh can we do that next?”

Sigh 🙂

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