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The Jesus Factor

Spent yesterday afternoon at a Psychogeometrics seminar (five points to whomever can tell me what that means without having to Google :). While I was there the book “The Fred Factor” was referenced. The book, written by Mark Sanborn, tells the true story of Sanborn’s postal carrier, Fred. Fred was an outstanding individual. He believed […]

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The Power Trip

I love flying and, fortunately, my recent trip to visit my brother and his family gave me that opportunity. My favorite part is take-off. It is so invigorating. I love the feeling of the engines revving up. The way I am pulled back to my seat as I feel the plane ascend. I am fascinated […]

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Here’s Your Sign

There is a popular comedian who has a comedy bit about people asking goofy questions and how helpful it would be for others if these people had to wear a sign. I thought of this the other day when a customer at our drive-in movie theater asked why we only showed movies at night. Sadly, […]

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