Prevent Heart Disease!

July 17, 2007

I spent one day last week learning CPR and First Aid and now am officially Red Cross certified. One of the ladies in the class whose certification had expired (and was retaking the class) told about the only time she had ever had to perform CPR. She spoke of the adrenaline kicking in and remembering all she had thought she had forgotten in her previous class. She talked of her calmness while she was performing CPR and only after the ambulance left did her nerves get the best of her. Even after her quick thinking and heroic actions, heart problems still took the life of the man. The good news is that he was a Christian and we know that he left this life to begin another one with Christ.

Millions of Americans suffer from heart problems. *In fact, Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and nearly 700,000 people die of it each year. (That is about 29% of all U.S. deaths.) In addition, Heart Disease is a leading cause of disability in the US.

Heart disease is a major problem within our nation and, sadly, Spiritual Heart Disease is a major problem within the church.

Some symptoms of Spiritual Heart Disease include:


If we were to poll folks and asked if their hearts were broken or had been broken in the past I’m sure that 100% of the participants would all agree that, at some time in their lives, they had suffered from a broken heart. Disease, death, and disappointment continually face each of us. Thankfully we know One who was sent to heal the broken hearted (Luke 4:18). Not only is He our Savior; He is our friend and brother. Dwelling on our broken hearts will lead us further away from Christ but giving our broken hearts to Christ will lead us to the throne of Glory.


There are too many hearts within the world and the church that are dealing with apathy. The unjust judge in Luke 18 didn’t care for God or man and unfortunately there are many like him in the world. People who aren’t concerned with others, themselves or their own families. Apathy is a major heart problem. We see this symptom of heart disease each day while reading the newspaper. Parents who don’t care for their children. Children who don’t care for their parents. Spouses who don’t care for their marriages. Sadly, there are Christians who aren’t concerned with anyone or anybody unless it concerns them or their family. Thankfully, Jesus is the cure for an indifferent heart.


Are you suffering from a negative heart? If not, then you probably know someone who is. Someone who complains about the preacher, the song leader, the building, the bulletin. You name it, they complain about it. Ten of the twelve spies going to Jericho suffered from negativity (Numbers 13). Only two of the twelve came back with a positive report, however, the other ten complained, “The people are too strong, the land is too fortified.” The two knew that with God’s help nothing is too hard. It doesn’t take much to always find the negative side of life. How many negative hearts do you know? I hope you’re not one.


The writer of Hebrews tells us to never be lazy but imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promise. Unfortunately, there are many Christians who lag in diligence (Romans 12 11). Hopefully we can live our lives so that no one can ever call us lazy.

If you’re having Heart problems then take steps today to make your heart right with God.

For information on how you can become Red Cross certified in CPR and First Aid visit You may never know if you’ll need but it’s a good idea to know it!

For information on preventing Heart Disease visit

And most importantly, for information on preventing Spiritual Heart Disease consult your nearest Bible!


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  •    TREY MORGAN  |  July 20th, 2007 at 12:37 am     Reply

    As a paramedic and a Christian … may I say “Well Done” on this application!!!

  •    The Preacher's Household:  |  July 23rd, 2007 at 10:30 pm     Reply

    This was well done! I think more people, even Christians suffer from spiritual heart attacks than physical ones. We should listen to our precursing symptoms seek help quickly.


  •    preacherman  |  July 26th, 2007 at 5:56 am     Reply

    Great post.
    I think alot of Christians in our churches today are suffering from Spiritual Heart Disease and don’t even know it. Great post again. Keep up the great posts!

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