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Having Fun in NJ

1. 2. 3. Extra points to the first person that find the two things wrong with this picture of my favorite brother and sister-in-law. 4. 5. 1 Aunt Paula and Eva2 Paula, Brian and Eva on Ferry to Statue of Liberty3 Brian and Marisa Nicklaus4 Sam5 Brian and Paula Brian has more pictures at his […]

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Through His Eyes

Have you ever had an opportunity to teach Jesus to someone, but didn’t? So you justified your actions because: their clothes weren’t right, they had been married a dozen times, they had tattoos and piercings, they used foul language, their kids were wild, they were too rich or too poor, they didn’t measure up to […]

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Prevent Heart Disease!

I spent one day last week learning CPR and First Aid and now am officially Red Cross certified. One of the ladies in the class whose certification had expired (and was retaking the class) told about the only time she had ever had to perform CPR. She spoke of the adrenaline kicking in and remembering […]

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Being Demas

Colossians 4:14, Philemon 24, II Timothy 4:10 Not much is known about Paul’s traveling companion Demas. He is only mentioned three times in the Bible, but from those verses we learn that Demas was a Christian. He was a traveling companion to Paul. And that he left the faith for the world. Why did he […]

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Caring for God’s Children

Roy and Kathi Merritt are missionaries who also run a children’s home in Zambia. One of their sponsoring congregations is the College church of Christ in Searcy, Arkansas. Here are just a few of the precious souls they are caring for. You (or your Bible class) can assist them in caring for these children by […]

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