Psalms 116:15

December 20, 2006

Got an e-mail early this morning regarding a death in the family. Not in my earthly family but my Christian family. He was an elder in the church when I was growing up. I always admired his family. He and his sweet wife had five children. All members of the church and they always sat in the front of the auditorium on the right side. I remember the mother more than anyone else. She was always smiling. She smiled while Dad preached. She smiled while teaching my Bible class. She smiled while she read me and my brother a bed-time story when we got to spend the night with them. They were a part of our “church family” and as a kid with grandparents who didn’t live close, “church family” was the best kind of family!

Now all these years later my husband and I have five children. We sit in the front of the auditorium, on the right and every time I think about it I try to smile so maybe one day some other little girl will remember to, also. And I remember to keep my children around God’s people and how “church family” can influence them to live for Christ maybe more than I ever will be able to.

I’ve tried to keep in touch with the family through the years. Sending cards and pictures at Christmas, e-mailing back and forth, but sadly the few times we’ve seen each other over the years have been at funerals. Last year around this time we did bump into each other at Wal-Mart. I knew he had been sick and could tell it but he hadn’t changed much and she was still smiling.

In a few days I’ll go to his funeral and see that family that was such a part of my young life. I’m almost certain she’ll be smiling through the tears. I look forward to seeing the kids and grandkids but I’m also dreading the sadness. I lost both of my parents in December and know the heartache that the holidays can sometimes bring.

When you pray today ask God to help you live so that you can influence others to live for Him. It may not be something grand. It may just be a smile or a kind word. And please remember to say a little prayer for the Miller family.

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  •    Lisa  |  December 20th, 2006 at 1:33 pm     Reply

    Those are really sweet thoughts. I’m sure we can all remember people like that who influenced us early in our lives–for me it’s the Edwards (also an elder), Mrs. Stockman who taught me great classes for years, etc. I could go on & on. Thank you for sharing about the Miller family who had a meaningful impact on you. I will pray for them.

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